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Long nosed woods
oval head driver
close up of oval head driver base
Long Nosed Wood view 1
2nd View
Long nosed woods View 1
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Oval head driver (bulger)view 1
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Oval head driver (Bulger) base view 1
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Hickory Shafted Golf Clubs
Repoduction, circa 1890-1910

Oval (Bulgar headed) or long nosed woods


THE ABOVE PRICE IS APPLICABLE FOR THE UK and USA/ Canada to include shipping;
For other Countries please
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All clubs are individually hand crafted by a family of clubmakers who have been in the clubmaking business for generations;

These fully playable replica clubs (please note ; the long nosed woods should be used for exhibition play rather than regular play ) are authentic replicas of clubs from the late 19th century, early 1900's having hickory shafts with leather grips;
The wooden heads are stamped 'R. Forgan'- a clubmaker in St. Andrews Scotland for many generations;
The clubs can be either long nosed or having oval, Bulger heads, the latter introduced in the 1890's
The wooden heads are joined or 'spliced' to the hickory shaft (known as scared-head clubs) - and bound with pitched whipping;


  • Hand made in the UK
  • Delivery 1-2 weeks as the Clubs would be hand crafted and made to order.
  • Leather Grips
  • Woods can be 'taylor made' to suit any required loft
  • Left handed clubs available
  • All completely playable - however the long nosed woods , as they are crafted from the original moulds , are more suitable for exhibition play rather than regular use. They were made for the featherie play with the stronger Bulgar head introduced for the Guttie ball;
  • Engraving also available on request
  • Can be used with BALATA type ball or similar We can also supply Victor Mesh Balls cost £5.00 each Currency Converter
  • Scottish Tartan club head covers locally made available if required- suitable for Bulger woods only;


Or you can telephone your order on UK: 01592 840853

We can also supply Scottish Tartan head covers which are suitable for the Bulger head woods only; click on the links below for larger views;
Shown above left is Royal Stewart Tartan, and above right is Lindsay Tartan;
If you wish to purchase the tartan head covers only, without clubs, click here
Cost of head covers are £8.00 each Currency Converter

For more information on the History of hickory clubs click here

The prices below are for UK and USA/ Canada Only; - prices include shipping ;
for other Countries please Contact Us for a shipping cost;
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Long Nosed Wood 145.00
Choose from right handed or left handed below make your choice below
Oval (bulgar) headed wood;145.00
Choose between right handed or left handed below
If you require a head cover - only suitable for the Bulger (oval headed) woods then enter quantity of covers and choice of tartan below;
Tartan Head Cover, Lindsay tartan £8.00 each
Tartan Head cover Royal Stewart tartan 8.00 each

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