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Original Hickory Shafted golf club sets- completely refurbished pre 1935 and are eligible for play in hickory club competitions;

Bags are also available if required;
All clubs are individually re-furbished by a family of clubmakers who have been in the clubmaking business for generations;
Delivery Times -
Can vary of between 10-14 days depending upon availability ; We will send you an email on receipt of your order stating a more definite delivery time; Please note that delivery times do not include the actual shipping time for clubs to reach an overseas address;
The prices below are for UK, Scandanavia/ Europe and USA/ Canada only, for other Countries please Contact Us

Price of the 6 club set for UK is £388.00 Currency Converter this Price includes carriage by Courier mainland UK
Price for the 6 club set for Scandinavia/ Europe is £420.00 Currency Converter this Price includes carriage by Courier to Scandinavia/Europe
Price of the 6 club set for USA/ Canada is £369.00 Currency Converter which includes carriage by Courier USA / Canada

Optional Extras
If you want an extra wood with your set the cost is £75.00 Currency Converter
If you require a canvas bag with the set the cost is £82.00 Currency Converter

See below to order;
set of refurbished golf blubs

Set of refurbished hickory shafted golf clubs; Click on image for larger view;

Hickory golf Clubs Home Page
See here for our Reproduction Replica Sets of golf clubs;
Victor Mesh golf balls
These original clubs come from all over the UK, many from Scotland
Or you can telephone your order on UK 01592 840853
Refurbished Driver
Shown above is image of refurbished Driver, click on image for close up view;
Image of Driver long view
Image of Driver mid view
Image of Driver and Spoon
For more images- click on the links below;
Image of 7 club set
Image of Irons

soles of irons showing stamping Shown on left is image of irons showing stamping on base;
Click on the image for a close up view; -
Mid Iron- click here for close up
Mashie Niblic click here for close up
Mashie click here for close up

We can also supply Scottish Tartan head covers which are suitable for the Bulger head woods only; click on the links below for larger views;
Shown above left is Royal Stewart Tartan, and above right is Lindsay Tartan; If you wish to purchase the tartan head covers only, without clubs, or would like a costing for a tartan of your choice; click here
Cost of head covers are £8.00 each Currency Converter
Features of head covers
  • Fully lined and elasticated
  • Hand made in Scotland from wood/cotton mix fabric
  • Approx sizes; Length; 27cm; Width at widest part 12cm (in inches approx 10 ½ x 4 ¾)

The sets comprise refurbished original woods, irons and metal blade putters;
All clubs are refurbished, the main process is as follows;
Wood Heads; Cleaned, re-stained, receiving 2 coats of Shellack polish
Hickory Shafts; Sanded, re-stained, receiving 2 coats of Shellack polish
Irons; Cleaned, oiled, and re shafted when necessary
Grips; Re gripped with new calf skin with pitched whipping
The hickory shafted woods may have the clubmaker's stamp on the head. The hickory shafted irons could contain various stamps comprising the names of the Cleek maker, Clubmaker and sometimes the Retailer, often a club professional,
canvas leather carry bag sandcanvas leather carry bag green

Shown on left are the Canvas / leather carry bags which are available for purchase with the clubs if required; These are 5 inch (125mm) diameter sling carry bags with leather trim, handle, umbrella holders and strap incorporating small ball pocket : Reproduction bags made in keeping with the times these clubs were in use; Click on the images to the left for larger views; Shown, far left in sand, and second left in green, ; You can also purchase the bags only without the clubs, click on navigation bar links at the top of this page
  • A Six Club set would consist of the following; - the 6 club set and can come with an extra wood if required, you can choose this option when ordering;
  • One Wood; which can be either a Driver, Brassie or Spoon,
  • Four Irons; Long iron, or Mid iron (2 - 4 iron) ,
    Mashie (5 iron) ,
    Mashie Niblic (7 iron)
    Niblic, (9 iron)
    The equivalent modern iron alongside as shown above in brackets, is a guide only as lofts may vary
  • One Puttter; Metal Blade

    The clubs shown are sample sets,- - we can also make up sets to suit your requirements, please contact us for a price stating your requirements;
    Contact Us

Choose your option below for UK, Scandinavia/Europe or USA/Canada- remember to also choose which wood you wish with the set
6 Club Set UK price to include Carriage ;388.00- Currency Converter
Select the wood you wish to have with the set
6 Club Set USA/ Canada price to include Carriage;369.00-- Currency Converter
Select the Wood you wish to have with the Set
6 Club Set SCANDINAVIA/ EUROPE price to include Carriage;420.00-- Currency Converter
Select the Wood you wish to have with the Set
The sets come in the right handed version as standard, however if you wish LEFT HANDED clubs please check the following box;
You can have an extra wood in the set for a charge of 70.00, if you wish this option click the box and choose the wood below;
Extra wood required in the set making it a 7 club set;:75.00 Currency Converter
Select Wood
If you wish a canvas bag with your order click the box and choose colour required 82.00 Currency Converter
Select colour of Bag
If you wish any tartan head covers for the woods then enter quantity of covers and choice of tartan below;
Tartan Head Cover, Lindsay £8.00 each Currency Converter
Tartan Head cover Royal Stewart 8.00 each

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