Hickory Shafted Golf Clubs

The McEwan Playclub and McEwan long nosed Putter

  • McEwan Putter; £145.00 - Currency Converter
  • McEwan Playclub £145.00 - Currency Converter
    Carriage mainland UK and to the USA/ Canada included in the above price; - Carriage costs for Europe please contact us on ; enquiries@glencall.co.uk- please note McEwan Putter or Playclub in the subject box;
    • Grips; Perforated Leather or Suede
    • Horn piece fitted to leading edge and sole of club head
    • The hickory shaft is spliced with long joint to putter head
    • All putters are completely playable with the wood heads 'scared' or spliced to the hickory shafts for maximum 'Hand to Ball' feel
    • Hand made in the UK
    • Can be engraved to your specification for a small extra charge;
    • Delivery allow 7-14 days - if you need the club for a special date then please let us know when ordering;
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      Putters can be bespoke, ie made with different lofts and lengths, if you require this option please contact us enquiries@glencall.co.uk

All our putters are hand crafted in the UK by a clubmaker who has carried on the tradition from his father and grandfather ;

Tel; 01592 840853 Fax; 01592 841150
4 Balgedie Court, GlenLomond, Kinross-shire, Scotland
These fully playable hickory shafted clubs having were originally hand crafted by the McEwan family who were among the most important club makers in the game of golf. James McEwan set up business around 1770 and the family were club makers unique to Musselburgh ; The family business of clubmaking continued througout 6 generations;
These clubs are available in both right and left handed versions and are individually hand crafted here in the UK;
McEwan Playclub
SEEN ABOVE IS THE McEwan Playclub - please note that the club now is stamped 'McEwan Golf Classics' and not as shown above;
View 2 McEwan Playclub
View 3 McEwan Playclub
View 4 McEwan Playclub
View 5 McEwan Playclub
View 6 McEwan Playclub

McEwan Putter
SEEN ABOVE IS THE McEwan long nosed Putter;
Length; 36.5 to 37 inches
Flat lie; 68 degrees
Loft; 4 degrees
View 2;- McEwan Putter
View 3; McEwan Putter
View 4 McEwan Putter

Engraving on golf club
We can personalise all clubs with engraving, this is set in a brass plaque and will be placed just below the grip (please note that grips are supplied plain and not with lettering as shown here)
;Click here for a larger view of the engraving
McEwan Putter--£145.00
McEwan Playclub--£145.00
If you don't wish engraving then proceed to ADD TO CART below;
Engraving 1-5 characters--£2.50
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Engraving 6-10 characters--£5.00
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Engraving 11-15 characters--£7.50
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Engraving 16-21 characters--£10.00
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