Option 1) Stamford for a a SINGLE BRICK WALL up to 115mm thick (Collecton (box sits on back of wall) click here for more info Option 2) Stamford for a Double Brick Wall up to 230mm thick (box sits on back of wall) click here for more info Option 3) THIS PAGE Stamford for a Cavity Wall up to 280mm thick- can be made to fit thicker cavity walls with an adapted chute (box sits on back of wall) Option 4) Stamford for a brick wall or pier, 2 brick, 2.5 brick , 3 brick and thicker, - box sits inside the wall; Also suitable for stone or block click here for more info

For a 1.5 brick pier see the Chard
cavity wall post box

3 year warrenty


Stamford letter box front view

Stamford Letter box LS10-CW (cavity wall)
made in a UK foundry

The Stamford letterbox for a cavity wall comes complete with large letter plate in polished or brushed chrome , polished brass or textured black - also comes with chute and large collection box -; The door on the back is lockable and comes complete with 2 keys; - The back collection box is avaialable in Classic Black, Brunswick Green, Brilliant White, or Burgundy

Please note that if you Cavity wall is deeper than 280mm we can make a chute to fit, please contact us contact us on glencall@devonshirecrafts.co.uk

Option 3) Stamford for a standard cavity wall product code LS10-CW (265-280mm chute tolerance)- the price is inclusive of Letter plate, chute and collection box;
For other Stamford options see the links at the top of this page

Price Includes Carriage Mainland UK and VAT
Delivery please allow 3-4 working days

letter box for cavity wall
Shown above is the Stamford behind a Cavity wall 265mm deep- the chute has a tolerance of 265-280mm depth , if you need a larger chute to fit a deeper cavity wall please email us glencall@devonshirecrafts.co.uk

  • The front letterplate is made from solid brass and left polished or coated in a choice of polished chrome, brushed chrome or textured black finishes. The rear casting including the door is cast from pure aluminium in English foundries, whilst the main body is made from sturdy electro zinc coated steel. To ensure it's long lasting appeal, these components are thoroughly cleaned and primed before being phosphate treated and coated in a durable top quality low bake enamel in a choice of colours, classic black, brunswick green, white or burgundy. All additional components (excluding lock) used are made from solid brass or stainless steel and assembled in England.

  • For security the access door is fitted with snap-action cylinder lock which can be used either as a push button or key operation (similar to those fitted to car glove compartments)- can be left unlocked if more convenient
  • The standard sized box has a 25 litre capacity
  • Weight of standard box is 9KG
    2 year warrenty
rear view of box

Shown above is Stamford letterbox rear view- shown here in classic black- the collection box is also available in Brunswick Green, White, or Burgundy
; Shown here is the lockable door which comes c/w 2 keys and snap action style catch which can be left unlocked if preferred; click on the image above for larger view
frontplate in chrome
front plate in brass

black letterplate
The Letterplates are available in Polished Chrome (shiny finish) Brushed Chrome (matt finish) , Polished Brass,or Textured black - the letter flaps have sprung loaded flaps
See here for close up of Polished Chrome Letter plate
See here for close up of Brushed Chrome letter plate
See here for close up of Brass Letter plate
See here for close up of Black Letterplate
Size of letter plate is overall 305mm x 100mm ;Letter opening size is 234mm x 57mm
Dimensions of Stamford including letter plate
Click here to download a PDF file of dimensions
  • The standard back box supplied has an internal depth (front to back measurment) of 230mm- see drawing above , if you wish a larger capacity box, ie a deeper box, the prices are as follows;
  • For a depth of between 231mm- 350mm the extra cost is £41.24
  • For a depth of between 351 - 457mm the extra cost is £51.48-
stamford fixing instructions 1
Stamford Fix instructions
Click on image for larger view

click here for PDF file of more detailed fixing instructions
Normally allow 3-4 working days

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STAMFORD LS10-CW for standard cavity wall (265-280 mm chute tolerance) £383.89- includes carriage and VAT mainland UK)
Choose your finish of letter plate from the drop down box below;
Choose colour requirement for the rear collection box;
The Stamford LS10-CW comes with a chute which fits a wall depth of between 265-280mm, the unit also comes with a collection box which sits on the back of the wall which will have a standard depth of 230mm, however if you feel you want a bigger collection box for more mail capacity then let us know below; The box will be made to the depth you require , let us know the depth you require in the box below.
If you don't wish a larger collection box then please proceed to ADD TO CART BELOW
If you prefer the item to come WITHOUT a collection box on the back (ie the mail will drop down onto the floor, then see the ORWELL LS13
For a larger collection box with an internal depth of between 231 mm and 350 mm 41.24
Click in the box then Enter depth in mm you require in the box below-- the box is not extendable but will be made to a fixed depth

For a larger collection box with an internal depth of between 351mm mm and 457mm 51.48

If you choose this option, due to the size of the box you may need to provide some support under the box at the back of the wall
Click in the box then Enter depth in mm you require in the box below- the box is not extendable but will be made to a fixed depth

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