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ORWELL LETTER BOX WITH CHUTE -For walls from 95mm to 250mm deep

PRICE; £181.50 for single wall 95-140mm OR double wall 210-250mm £214.50

Price Includes Carriage Mainland UK and VAT-

The Orwell LS13 letter box comes complete with large letter plate in a choice of either polished chrome, brushed chrome , polished brass or textured black - also available with two sizes of chute
The small chute is for walls 95-140mm deep and Standard chute is for walls 210-250mm deep

If your wall is deeper than 250mm then see our OAKLEY LETTER BOX
Ideal for walls where the mail is going to drop down into the inside of the property, for instance, house, office, porch or garage, and you don't need a collection box on the inside; should you wish a collection box see our Oakley letter box
The Chute and back are made from zinc plated steel - chutes available in a choice of finishes; satin textured black, or satin textured white,
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The Orwell LS13 chute assembly can be adjusted to accommodate wall thicknesses from 215 mm to 250mm for the standard chute or 95-142mm for the small chute

letter plate brushed chrome
The letterplate is available in the following finishes;
See here for close up of Polished Chrome Letter plate

See here for close up of Brushed Chrome letter plate

See here for close up of Brass Letter plate

See here for close up of Black Letterplate

See below for more info and to order

Above  are the dimensions of the Letterplate supplied with the Orwell.
  • A = 305mm, the overall width of the letterplate.
  • B = 96mm, this dimension is the overall height of the letterplate.
  • C = 57mm, the height of the letterplate orifice.
  • D = 233mm, the width of the letterplate orifice 

See below for more info and to order

Shown above are the dimensions of the rear openning of the LS13 Chute assembly. 

  • A = 252mm, the inside width of the rear opening.
  • B = 97mm, this dimension is inside height of the rear opening.
  • C = 282mm, the overall width of the rear opening.
  • D = 127mm, this is the overall height of the rear opening, the surround has a 15mm border.

Shown above are the dimensions of the outer (rear) chute. This assembly slides over the inner chute which is attached to the letterplate
  • A = 103mm, the height of the deepest part of the chute assembly which fits inside the wall
  • B = 258mm, this is the width of the chute assembly
  • C = 83mm, the height of the shallow section of the rear chute assembly which fits inside the wall

See below for more info and to order

Orwell post box into walls
Shown above are , top, image of letterplate from outside the property, the letterplate is shown here partially pushed open; and below the view from inside the property, the inside chute is covered by a trim; The mail drops down inside the property;
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Orwell Horizontal Letter plate with chute price below includes carriage and VAT mainland UK)
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ORWELL Horizontal LETTER PLATE WITH SMALL CHUTE for walls between 95-140mm deep £181.50

ORWELL Horizontal LETTER PLATE WITH STANDARD CHUTE for walls between 210-250mm deep £214.50

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