bloomsbury post box
3 year warrenty


Bloomsbury Letter Box-- LS07

-For Wall mounting;

-mainland UK;
Price £324.49 (excluding any extras such as names or restrictor plates, extended casing etc... for these prices please see shopping cart below)

An attractive, versatile letterbox made in the UK ; With front and back panels cast in non-rusting aluminium with the casing made from heavy gauge zinc plated steel; To ensure its long lasing appeal the box is supplied polyester powder coated in four durable colours,- STUNNING WHITE , BRUNSWICK GREEN, BURGUNDY,or CLASSIC BLACK

LS07 images
Above left; Bloomsbury LS07 in classic black with optional house number
Above centre; Bloomsury LS07 in Brunswick Green
Above Right; Bloomsbury LS07 in Classic black with optional name applied;

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CLICK HERE for a drawing

Kingsbury LS03See here for another (more ornate) version of this box,
the Kingsbury LS03 for mounting onto a wall

Delivery times
Normally within 5 working days for classic black models, for other colours delivery may be slighty longer;
Or if you require the box sooner please ring us on 01592 840853

This box is also available with contrast coloured lettering on the post flap , as seen here in white;
Ls07 postbox for on wallShown on left is the Bloomsbury LS07 for wall mounting in Classic Black, without name or number applied; See here for larger view
See here for image of Bloomsbury LS07 in black with gold number applied-
rear of letter boxRear View of Letter box showing pre -drilled holes in back of box for surface mounting-click on the thumbnail for a larger view;

restrictor plate fitted to letter boxThe box can be fitted, as an optional extra ,with a RESTRICTOR PLATE which can help prevent your mail being stolen, click on the image to the left for a larger view, shown here is a cut off view of the box with the restrictor in place
  • Features
  • Optional number available at no extra cost
  • Optional House name for an extra charge
  • Optional Contrast lettering on 'POST' for an extra charge
  • All boxes come with fitting instructions
  • Restrictor plate (prevents your mail being stolen) which is fitted inside the letter box available as an extra should you require it;
  • Extended depth of casing available if required
  • For security the access door is fitted with snap-action cylinder lock which can be used either as a push button or key operation (similar to those fitted to car glove compartments)- you can leave unlocked if expecting a parcel, no fiddly padlocks
  • Extended depth option available if required;


Bloomsbury LS07 £324.49-includes Carriage and vat

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House name:24.00
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Select colour of name
If you want Contrast coloured lettering in the 'POST' flap check the box below, else the box will come with the 'POST' in the same colour as the box but it will stand out because it is 'cast'
Contrast Coloured Lettering on POST:24.00
Select colour of Contrast on POST
House number- if required: No charge
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Restrictor plate If required(stops someone putting a hand in box to take our your mail:
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(see here for dimensions of this box)
Extended internal casing depth 221mm-340mm: 42.24
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If you wish a smaller , less deep box, - ie less than 220mm (there is no charge) then let us know the exact depth you wish your casing to be below;
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