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Chelsea Letter Box with vertical letter slot
for gates and railings

Chelsea letter box with number

Shown above is the Chelsea letter box suitable for horizontal bars, shown here with optional number in white applied (no extra cost for a number)- the number is also available in silver or gold; - the box here is fixed to the railings by the drill and tap method , see more info below;
please note that in the photograph above the letter flap as shown has now been replaced with the letter flap shown on the images below;
Requires the pitch or space between the bars to be a minimum of 110mm between the bars - (This is to enable the letter flap on this box to open fully) This box is suitable for both round and square railings;

For extra security this box comes with internal adjustable restrictor bar as standard for security, helps prevent someone stealing your mail;
Front and back panels cast in non-rusting aluminium with the casing made from heavy gauge zinc plated steel and powder coated for optimal weather protection; 25 litre capacity; Letter opening takes A4 mail;

Price £329.00- this price includes carraige and VAT - if you have a reasonable knowledge of DIY you can purchase the box as it is and fix it to your railings by drilling and tapping, - or for a small extra charge of £25.00 you can purchase it with the horizontal clamp fixing method which needs no DIY knowledge and is easy fixed, no drilling needed;
Delivery times, allow 5 working days;
For more information and to order see below;

To order see below

There are two methods for fixing the Chelsea letter box;
Method 1 , is to fix the box by drilling and tapping- no horizontal clamps required- see image directly above, and Method 2- as shown below is to purchase the box with the horizontal clamp method which cost an extra £25.00 with this method no drilling is required ,
The box is suitable for round or square bars :

To order see below
Rear View of Chelsea
Shown above is the rear view of the box with lockable door complete with 2 keys-
the door comes with snap action type catch which can be left unlocked if preferred;
For a drawing showing overall dimensions, CLICK HERE

To order see below

Chelsea Letterbox

To order choose from options below;

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Chelsea LS09 £329.00- includes carriage

This box requires a minimum of 110mm between your bars this is to allow the letter flap to open unrestricted

House number:No Charge
Select the box above if you require this option

Enter house number

Select colour of number

If you wish the horizontal bar fix method which needs no drilling or DIY knowledge
then choose the option below; If you leave this box unchecked then you can fix the box by drilling and tappling

£25.00 Select this box is you require Horizontal Bar fixing method-
remember to check the box above or the item won't be added to the cart

If you require a deeper box than the standard depth of (220mm)let us know depth required below
(see here for dimensions of this box)

Extended inner depth of between 221mm-335mm: £42.24
Enter extended depth size required below

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