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Letter boxes for fences made in a UK Foundry
3 year warrenty
To order see below;

Delivery allow 3-4 days

Cambridge behind a fence


£361.91 which includes carriage and Vat (includes letter plate in choice of colours, chute for fences up to 135mm thick and collection box at rear)

The CAMBRIDGE-FENCE letter box is a modern style letterbox designed to fit wooden fences and gates including featherboard.

Made entirely in the U.K. the Cambridge is supplied with an access chute and elegant outward opening letter plate. The Cambridge rear casting which incorporates the door is made from 100% high quality LM6 Grade Aluminium and the body of the box is made from long lasting galvanised steel which is phosphate coated prior to being powder coated;
The letter plate which fits at the front of the fence is fitted with rubber seals to prevent leaking

The Chute is made from 3mm thick steel which is then phosphate coated prior to powder coating;
letterbox for fence
Shown above is rear view of collection box, click on image for larger view;
Door is lockable and comes with 2 keys;
We can apply lettering onto the front letter plate as an optional extra for which there is no extra charge, see some examples below
Specifications and sizes letter plate;
Letterplate; - The letterplate is made from Solid Aluminium and phosphate coated before being powder coated in one of the following colours
Black, gloss or textured, Antique Copper, Silver RAL 9006, Grey RAL 7015 and Gold RAL 1036, see below;
Sizes of the letter plate are , overall, 316mm long x 128mm high, letter plate opening size for mail is 229mm long x 55mm high

Size of collection box ;

Height; 425mm, Width; 295mm, depth; 220mm- you can have a deeper collection box if required;


PDF files for download - covers piers / walls/ fences
chute for cambridge fence

Shown above is the chute which is supplied with the collectoin box-- the chute depth will vary depending upon size of chute ordered; ; suitable for 15-135mm thick fences and gates including featherboard;-
shown with letterplate attached, the letterplate is available in finishes as shown below
gloss black letterplate

Above Letterplate in Gloss Black - click on image for larger view
textured black letterplate

Letter plate shown above in textured Black - click on image for larger view
brushed aluminium

Letter plate shown above brushed aluminium
(brushed aluminium is discontunued) shown with optional lettering in black, arial font
;click on image for larger view - you can also have a numberif preferred -
click on image for larger view

See here for letterplate in gold
Antique copper letter plate
Letter plate shown above in Antique Copper - click on image for larger view
silver letterplate
Letter plate shown above in RAL 9006- silver-
click on image for larger view
grey letterplate
Letterplate shown above in RAL 7015- grey
click on image for larger view


Please make your choices below to order,

The Cambridge-fence letter box £361.91
Uk mainland carriage and vat included, - for other Countries there is a choice to add carriage after you enter add to cart
Choose Length of chute required, there are 3 options

Choose Letter plate finish option from drop down box below- the collection box will be black

Please choose from the following if you require a deeper collection box than 220mm - if you don't require a deeper collection box or draught excluder then please proceed to 'add to cart' below

Extended casing depth for collection box (thickness): 42.24
Click in the box below if you require this option then Enter exact casing measurement required in the space provided - you can have a thickness of between 221mm and 340mm
click in this box is you require an extended depth
enter depth in this box
Lettering Options for letterplate; Choose below, or if you don't require any lettering please proceed to 'add to cart' below;
Select the following if lettering required; maximum of 10 letters on one line only

lettering No charge
Enter your lettering choice below (max of 10 characters on one line only) - please remember to check the box above or the lettering won't be added to the cart

Select colour of lettering
Select Lettering style

If have any comments regarding the lettering please let us know in the box below

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