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JUBILEE Letter box with Vertical letter slot,
LS14-PR made in a UK foundry -

Please note that if you have a narrow pillar/ wall which may not be wide enough for the internal case then you may need to consider
The JUBILEE LS14- letterbox can be custom made to fit any pier depth up to 1000mm:

When built into a  brick pier the mail is securely stored within the cavity area allowing both the front letterplate and back casting to fit flush against the brickwork or rendering.
The chute which has a tolerance of 102-115mm (larger chutes can be made if required)

Please note all the sizes below are based on standard metric sized bricks; If your pillar or wall is built from stone or non standard bricks then please contact us for a price -contact


Jubilee letterbox with vertical letter slot

£361.91- includes carriage and VAT

This price excludes the extended inner casing you will reqiure for your pier, extra cost is as follows, prices include VAT;
2 brick pier £38.40 , 2.5 brick pier £46.80, 3 brick £57.60 ;

Shown to left is the Jubilee inside the brick pillar - the letter plate sits on the front of the pillar and the chute (the chute sits inside the first brick,) and collection box are inside the pillar, see small image to left; Letterplates available in Brushed chrome, polished chrome, polished brass and textured black


Size of letter plate is overall 305mm x 100mm ;Letter opening size is 234mm x 57mm
- the letter flaps have sprung loaded flaps

Overall Dimensions of the inner case which sites in the wall cavity are 295mm wide x 425mm high x whatever depth your wall or pillar is; if you fee the case is too wide, see our Highway version

Dimensions of the back casting which has the door incorporated, door is lockable and comes with two keys 425mm high x 295mm wide: The retrieval door is 180mm wide x 185mm high
The diagonal distance of the letterbox opening is 257mm, easily big enough to remove A4 or large packages. A telephone directory sized package can be removed from the letterbox without needing to be bent in any way.
Weight of standard depth post box (ie 220mm depth) is 9KG


Jubilee for a 1.5 brick (330mm) wall -please note this size of collection box is for a 1.5 brick wall only and will not be suitable for a 1.5 brick pier
no extra cost,

letter plate with vertical slot
jubilee for a 2 brick wall or pillar (445mm)
extra cost £42.24
- click on image for larger view
jubilee letter box with vertical slot
Jubilee for a 2.5 brick wall or pillar (555mm)
extra cost £42.24
click on image for larger view

vertical slot letter plate for pillars walls

Jubilee for a 3 brick wall or pillar (665mm)
extra cost £51.48 - click on image for larger view;

pier sizes

Above is drawing of pier sizes based on metric sized bricks, (102mm) click on drawing for larger view
Please note; If you have a 2 brick piller , as the inner case is 280mm wide, left to right, you will need to trim back the bricks on both sides to fit the case into the piller

rear view showing box back
Shown above is the rear view of the Jubilee showing the back casting with door- click on image for a larger view
For security the access door is fitted with snap-action cylinder lock which can be used either as a push button or key operation (similar to those fitted to car glove compartments)- can be left unlocked if more convenient- box is supplied with 2 keys;
  • Back door panel cast in non-rusting aluminium with the internal collection box made from heavy gauge zinc plated steel; To ensure its long lasting appeal the collection box and back panel is supplied polyester powder coated in CLASSIC BLACK ,


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Jubilee LS14-PR for brick pier £361.91- includes carriage and VAT mainland UK)
For other Countries there is a choice to add carriage after you enter add to cart
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Please choose from the following for size of wall/ pier

Jubilee LS14-PR for a 1.5 brick wall -not suitable for a pier no charge

Jubilee LS14-PR for a 2 brick wall or pillar (445mm) £42.24

Jubilee LS14-PR for a 2.5 brick wall or pier (555mm) £51,48

Jubilee LS14-PR for a 3 brick wall or pillar (665mm) £63.36

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