Glencall letter boxes

Letter boxes hand made in a UK Foundry
Emblems for post boxes

Animals and Insects, Birds, Buildings, Dogs and Cats, Fruits and Flowers Emblems - see here for Trees , Vehicles, and Miscellaneous Emblems
click in the images below for larger views of the individual postbox emblems

Appaloosa horse image Badger image Badger post box emblem Beaver emblem for post box
E285- Appaloosa
E392- Badger
E326- Badgers Head
E208 - Beaver
Bee emblem for letterbox Bison for post box running bull motif butterfly on letterbox
E200- Bumble Bee
E380- Bison
E430 - Bull Running
E91- Butterfly
Butterfly charolais bull cow motif Dolphin  motif
Butterfly 2
E301- Charolais Bull
E304- Cow
E215- Dolphin
Donkey for post box dragonfly for post box duroc pig
E116 - Donkey
E439 - Dragonfly
E305 - Duroc Pig
E46 - Fieldmouse
fox for letterbox Fresian cow frog for postbox goat motif for postbox
E101 - Fresian Cow
E50 - Frog
E115 - Goat
hampshire down sheep hare
Hedgehog emblem
horse and haycart horses head
E307- Hampshire Down Sheep
E49 - Hare
E204 Hedgehog
E281- Horse & Haycart
E61 - Horses Head
jacob ram Lion Lions head emblem for postboxes long horn bull emblem for postboxes
E330 - Jacob Ram
E206 - Lion
E320- Lions Head
E303 - Longhorn Bull
mallard duck emblem mare and foal emblem mr toad emblem national hunt horse emblem
E178- Mallard on Water
E119 Mare & Foal
E226- Mr Toad
E64 - Racehorse
otter emblem pig emblem pigs emblem rabbit emblem
E114- Otter
E53 - Pig
E219- Pigs over Fence
E293 - Rabbit
rainbow trout rampant lion 202 rampant horse rampant lion
E51 - Rainbow Trout
E207 Rampant Lion
E215- Rampant Horse
E217- Rampant Lion
Romagnola running horse black faced sheep shetland pony
E302- Romangola
E58 - Running Horse
E309- Black Faced Sheep
E386 - Shetland Pony
show jumper spider and web red squirrel stag
E63 - Show Jumper
E 365 - Spiders Web
E45- Red Squirrel
E117 - Stag
stags head vendeen sheep lamb emblem
Turtle emblem
E205 - Stags Head
E208- Vendeen Sheep
E54 - Sheep
E212 Tortoise
E213 Turtle
canary emblem
Baby Owl on fence Cockatoo Curlew
E189- Canary
E375 - Owls on Fence
E503 - Cockatoo
E111 - Curlew
Dove Goose Partridge Hawk
E43 - Dove
E381 - Goose Standing
E 186- Grouse/ Partridge
E177 - Hawk
Hen Heron Jay Kingfisher
E52 - Chicken
E179 - Heron
E195 - Jay
E37 - Kingfisher
Lapwing Magpie Moorhen Pheasant
E110- Lapwing
E185 - Magpie
E190- Moorhen
E44 - Pheasant
Nightengale Owl Peacock Puffin
E335- Nightingale
E39 - Owl
E183 - Peacock
E391- Puffin
Robin Rooster Song Thrush Swallow
E109- Robin
Rooster E194
E347- Song Thrush
E36 Swallow
Turkey Two Doves Two Swans Woodpecker
Turkey E191
E507- Two Doves
E38 - Two Swans
E184 - Woodpecker
Blue Tit on Blossom
E393 Blue Tit on Blossom
Bridge Castle Church cottage
E244 - Bridge
E71- Castle
E68 - Church
E243 - Cottage
windmill watermill lighthouse chaple school
E359 - Dutch Windmill
E241- French Water Mill
E23 - Lighthouse
E254 - Old School/Old Chapel
watermill windmill    
E240- Water Mill
E72 - Windmill
afgan hound airedale alsation alsation head
E154- Afgan Hound
E168 - Airedale
E103 - Alsation
E165 - Alsation Head
bassett hound shepherd dog border colllie border terrier
E373 - Basset Hound
E362 - Belgian Shepherd Dog
E159- Border Collie
E524 - Border Terrier
boxer bull terrior bulldog bullmastif
E152 - Boxer
E346 - Bull Terrier
E574 - Bulldog
E169 - Bullmastiff
cocker spaniel corgi doberman greyhound
E170 - Cocker Spaniel
E160 - Corgi
E166- Doberman
E158 - Greyhound
Husky Irish wolfhound jack russell labrador
E422 - Husky
E161 - Irish Wolfhound
E156 - Jack Russell
E102 Retriever
dachsund english sheepdog pointer pomeranian
E160 - Long Hair Dachshund
E75 - Old English Sheepdog
E387 - Pointer
E385 - Pomeranian
retriever rotterlier schnauser scottish terrier
E74 - Labrador
E383 - Rotteriler
E386- Schauzer
E382 - Scottish Terrier
setter schitzu springer spaniel st bernard
E174 - Setter
E171 - Shitzu
E159 - Springer Spaniel
E345 - St Bernard
highland terrier yorkshire terrier short haired cat long haired cat
E379 - West Highland Terrior
E368 - Yorkshire Terrior
E210- Short Haired Cat
E326 - Long Haired Cat
Setter and Pheasant
E489 Setter & Pheasant
Apple Apple Blossom buch if flowers buttercup
E17 - Apple
E21 - Apple Blossom
E412- Rhodedendron
E136 - buttercup
Camelia cherries cherry blossom chrysantemum
E143- Camelia
E16- Cherries
E126 - Cherry Blossom
E388 - Crysanthmum
clemantis flower for letter box Daffodils emlem for post box Daisy emblem for post box dockleaf emblem
E23 - Clemantis
E25 - Daffodils
E135 - Daisies
E107 - Fern
dogrose emblem for postbox foxgloves emblem garland emblem grapes emblem
E26 - Dog Rose
E150- Foxgloves
E139 - Garland
E18 - Grapes
hawthorn emblem hibiscus emblem honeysuckle emblem hops emblem
E31 - Hawthorn
E520 - Hibiscus
E22 - Honeysuckle
E14- Hops
larkspur emblem lilac emblem rose emblem magnolia emblem
E132 - Larkspur
E105 - Lilac
E98 - Long Rose
E130 - Magnolia
mushrooms emblem myrtle emblem narciss emblem nastortiums emblem
E329- Mushrooms
E133 - Myrtle
E33 - Narciss
E500- Nasturtiums
pansies emblem pear emblem plums emblem poimsetta emblem
E131- Pansies
E250 - Pear
E147 - Plumbs
E357 - Poinsettia
poppies emblem primrose emblem small rose emblem rowan berrys
E137 - Poppies
E30 - Primrose
E32 - Rose
E134- Rowan Berries
shamrock emblem snowdrops emblem spring flowers strawberries emblem
E104 - Shamrock
E128 - Snowdrops
E20 - Spring Flowers
E138 - Strawberries
thistle emblem three roses emblem tudor rose emblem Yorkshire Rose tulips emblem
E519 - Thistle
E535 - Three Roses
E93 - Tudor Rose
E616 Yorkshire Rose
E372 - Tulips
waterlilly emblem
laburnam emblem
E34 - Violets
E140- Water Lilly
E106- Wisteria Laburnam