Glencall letter boxes

Letter boxes hand made in a UK Foundry

Trees, Miscellaneous and Vehicle Emblems - see here for Birds, Flowers & Fruits, Animals and Insects, Cats and Dogs and Buildings Emblems
click in the images below for larger views of the individual postbox emblems

Acorn emblem Beech Tree embelm for post box Bramble emblem for post box Cedar tree emblem
E11 - Acorns E5- Beech E108- Bramble E122- Cedar
Chestnut tree emblem Copse of trees emblem Fruit tree emblem Hazlenuts emblem
E125- Chestnut E2- Five Tree Copse E3 - Fruit Tree E15 - Hazlenuts
Holly emblem for letterbox Horse chestnut emblem for letterbox Ivy leaf emblem for letterbox Laburnam tree emblem for post box
E12- Holly E452- Horse chestnut E113 - Ivy E8- Laburnum
Maple leaf emblem for postbox Mulberry tree emblem for postbox Oak tree emblem for postboxes Pine tree emblems for post box
440- Maple Leaf E144 - Mulberry E1 - Oak E10 - Pine Trees
Poplar tree emblem Silver birch tree emblem Oak tree emblems Willow Tree emblems
E4- Poplars E9 - Silver Birch E124 0 Two Oaks E6 - Willow
Yew tree emblems for postbox olive branch E525 sltylised teee E617  
E120-Yew E525 Olive Branch E617 Stylised Tree
Bi plane motorbike citreon car
E296- Bicycle
E423- Bi-plane
E396- Twin Motorbike
2CV- Citroen 2CV
Ferrari flying scotsman gokart gypsy caravan
E274 - Ferrari
E288 - Flying Scotsman
E577 - Go Cart
E377- Gypsy Caravan
horse and carriage mg12 car mgtd car motor bike ariel
E88 - Stagecoach
E312- MGJ2
E315 - MGTD
E278 - Motorbike 1936 Ariel
narrow boat emblem for postboxes stagecoach stationary stagecoach with horses moving spitfire steam train emblem
E294- Narrow Boat
E118-Vehicle~Stagecoach stationary
E88-Vehicle~Stagecoach moving
E280- Spitfire
E287- Steam Train
tractor renault tractorJohn Deere Tractor viking shiip yacht emblem
E273- Tractor
E272- Tractor
John Deere Tractor E606
Viking Ship
E85- Yacht
anchor emblem anvil emblem beehive emblem book quill emblem
E266 - Rock & Anchor
E247 - Anvil
E299 - Beehive
E371- Book & Quill
cherub emblem cricketer emblem crossed flags emblem fleur de lys emblem
E220- Cherub
E81- Cricketer
E255- Crossed Flags
E94- Fleur de Lys
golfer harp kettle legs of man
E82 - Golfer
E248 - Harp
E245- Kettle
E261- Legs of Man
leprechaun log bench man with gun and dog mortar board
E80 - Leprechaun
E378 - Log Cutting
E353- Man, Gun and Dog
E318- Mortar Board
nest emblem oyster shells palm tree island pixie emblem
E271- Nest
E376- Oyster Shells
E265- Palm Tree Island
E79- Pixie
scales of justice emblem scissors emblem shoe emblem tennis rackets emblem
E256- Scales of Justice
E358 - Scissors
E349 - Shoe
E319 - Tennis Rackets
treble and clef emblem wheatsheaf emblem wishing well emblem witch emblem
E236- Treble Cleft
E99- Wheatsheaf
E70- Wishing Well
E239 - Witch
plough E60- Plough Louis Sun E466 Louis sun