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American US style mail box made from Galvanized Steel - powder coated ; Choose the box with or without lettering;

in stockWhite, Silver and Aluminium are the only colours we have available, Green, and Black discontinued;
Shown below is American mail box in black with red flag and name on the same side as the flag; shown with optional house name in white- times new roman font, - wooden post not supplied with the post box
American mail box on post

Galvanized steel version powder coated in Silver, or White £35.60
Aluminium Version, ;£42.39 - includes carriage and vat mainland UK
Optional Extras; Fixing Bracket for wall or fence £16.87;

Rear Fixing Bracket for wall £18.11;
Freestanding pole £18.54
Waterproof lettering £5.00, Motif £2.00
See below for more images and to order;

Delivery times; - allow 3-4 working days after placing your order; Having lettering or an image on your box does not increase delivery times;

Dimensions of mail box
480mm long x 222mm high x 170mm deep
In inches approx Length; 19" x Height 8 ¾ x depth 6¾- please note that all sizes are approximate ; Approx 18 litre capacity
Please note that due to the fact the complete door opens downwards on this box the door is not lockable

Dimensions of optional freestanding pole: Length 5 foot in height (153cm approx) :
click here to see image of box on metal pole-powder coated in durable black Bottom anchor prevents twisting Comes with adjustable mailbox mounting brackets, hardware Can be sunk into concrete or into firm ground (size of pole Length 5 foot in height (153cm approx) :Circumference of pole 13cm (5 inches approx): Diameter of pole 4cm ( 1 ½ inches approx)
Amnerican style mail box green on side bracket

shown to the left is the American mail box shown fixed to a brick wall with the side bracket.. click here for a larger view
The same side bracket can be used to fix to any structure, wooden fence, garden trellis etc...the side bracket can be used either side of the box, flag side, or the opposite side from the flag; - see more images below

us mail box rear bracketShown on the left is the Black American style mail box with rear fixing brackets in place
More Images of black box below- shown below are images with the box fixed to a fence using the side bracket, can also be attached to a brick wall using the side bracket-
American post box in black with lettering in silver BOOKMAN OLD STYLE FONT shown here with the door open and fixed with the side bracket
See here for image
Box in black, cream lettering, CLARENDON FONT
See here for image
US mailbox in Black with lettering in white TIMES NEW ROMAN FONT, See here for image

helvetica font american boxShown on left American postbox in black with optional lettering in Forest green ,HELVETICA FONT Shown here with the lettering on the opposite side from the flag; The lettering can be placed on either the flag side or opposite side or on both sides; Shown here on a side bracket fixing kit . The fixing kit can be used to fit to a brick wall or wooden structure click here for larger view
Green us mail box
American post box in Dark Green with lettering in apple green, PARIS FONT see here for larger view
US Mailbox in Green with lettering in gold TEMPUS SANS FONT click here for image
Mailbox in green with lettering in Apple green PARIS FONT -click here for image
aluminium us mail box
USA Style mail box in silver with lettering in Aubergine, EUROSTAR FONT larger view
US postbox in silver with name in red LUCIDA HANDWRITING FONT click here for view
Aluminium version with lettering in CLARENDON FONT -click here for view -
Aluminium with name in aubergine, clarendon font click here -
Aluminium post box with name opposite side of the flag, in black times new roman font, shown on side bracket- click here

american style postbox whiteBox in white with name CLARENDON FONT, in black , shown here with the name on front of box
Click here for larger view

Box in white , dark brown lettering, TIFFANY FONT Click here for view
Click here for image of box in white with lettering in Apple Green, lettering SCHINDLER FONT
Box in white with black lettering applied, LUCIDA CALLIGRAPHY FONT- click here forr view
Another image of the box in white with lettering in gold, CATANEO BT FONT, click here

To order choose from options below;

If you prefer you can order by telephone on 01592 840853 - prices include carraige mainland uk
in stock Silver, white and aluminium only
American style mail box Black--Discontinued -
American style mail box Green -Discontinued
American style mail box Silver- in stock--£35.60
American style mail box White- in stock--£35.60
American style mail box Aluminium- in stock--£42.39
If you wish any fixings with the box choose from below;
Please note the side and rear bracket and pole are only available if purchasing the letter box, they are not available for sale as single items
Side Bracket for wooden fence or gate fix in black --£16.87 out of stock
Side Bracket for solid wall fix-in black -£16.87 out of stock
Rear Fixing brackets--No longer available
LETTERING OPTIONS- if you don't wish lettering or a motif please proceed to ADD to CART below;-

Name on one side of box only:5.00;- Name on both sides of the box 8.00;- Number no charge
Make your choice from the drop down box below


If you have any special requests let us know and we will do our best to meet them, if you leave this black we will place the lettering at our own discretion

Select colour of lettering/ number
Select Font for lettering/ number- most fonts can be found on the images shown above or on microsoft word, for Freestyle Script, French Script, Lucida Bright and Broadway and other examples, SEE HERE - opens in a new window
Motif OPTIONS- if you don't wish a motif please proceed to ADD to CART below;-
Motif on one side of box only:2.00;- Motif on both sides of the box 4.00;-
Make your choice from the dropdown box below- see here for motifs available - opens in new window

Select Motif Remember if you wish this option to choose the option from the drop down box above or the motif won't be added to the cart
Select colour of Motif

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